Storage in New York

We provide purpose-built storage warehouse facilities in Metuchen, NJ, Dallas, TX and a California facility coming soon.
Traditional has a broad range of storage solutions for both short-term and long-term requirements. Purpose-built facilities and equipment are used to provide maximum safety and security. Items are stored in a private secure warehouse designed for safety and easy access.

Our facilities are alarmed and electronically monitored by external security specialists, in addition to being temperature controlled. Goods can be retrieved at any time by providing suitable notice. Features of our storage service include:

Our Company

Every move across the state lines with Our Company is eligible for up to 60 days of free storage* in one of our secure facilities – as an “extra mile” in comparison with standard 30 days with any licensed inured moving company. Customer is not being charged any re-handling fees, e.g. loading/unloading of items at the storage.
*Any additional storage is priced at 25c/cf/month therefore an additional month of storage for items in equivalent of a 5×10 storage unit will result in $100/month