My crew – especially attentive, very friendly

Kristian K.

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

I have never moved long-distance. So, a lot of reviews gave mixed feelings about the whole thing.
But as far as the experience, negative ones are just “those” type of people. Movers are people too, get a life! As far as my crew – especially attentive, very friendly and supportive with the whole thing. Packed up some fragile items that I had no wish or time to take care of on my way to new place in Dyker Heights.
No smoking breaks or sitting around? Check.
Spare boxes? Check.
Getting the truck to the destination earlier than me? Somehow check.
The price was higher than originally quoted, but I was prepared for some extra charges – doing my homework with the papers did the thing.

Great experience overall!
Would certainly use again.

“Respect flows two ways and can mean as much to the giver as to the one receiving.” (David A. Durham)

My crew - especially attentive, very friendly Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.8 based on 214 reviews
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