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Military Moving in New York | Traditional Van Lines - Moving Company in New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens Staten & Long Island

Military Moving in New York


When a military family or individual relocates, the logistics involved are slightly different when compared to an ordinary move. You would therefore find that you need movers who understand these dynamics, so that the service can be conducted smoothly and efficiently.

Our Moving Company in NYC is a company that has provided top notch moving solutions for military individuals, families and establishments. Whether you are relocating permanently or temporarily, our crew will be there to make that task as stress-free as possible. Are you wondering how you can make your next move as smooth as possible? The secret is to plan everything well in advance so that on the moving day everything is well organized.

For the best experience, be sure to let us know about any restrictions at your pick-up/drop-off locations, as well as any specific cargo we will need to take care of.

Discounts for Military

  • 4% DISCOUNT – For relocations between 200-500 cubic feet


  • 5% DISCOUNT – For relocations between 500-800 cubic feet


  • 6% DISCOUNT – for relocations of 800 cubic feet and over

Popular Questions

What is a military discount?

A year-round discount based on the size of the move at all U.S. locations to active duty personnel, reservists, retired or disabled veterans and their immediate families.

How much is a military discount?

Our military discount is based on the size of the move (see military discounts) offered as our courtesy to Active Duty military members currently serving 30 days or more under Title 10 orders, Military Retirees, and registered military dependents. Disabled Veterans with a rating of 30% or higher are also qualified for the discount.

How do I get my military discount with Our Company?

Be sure to mention your military status when on the phone with our sales representative, or during your on-site visit with our estimator.


To arrange a quotation and receive our complimentary military discount, call our office Free at 855-6533240, get an online estimate, complete our Home Visit Request or get your quote on the go