Move from New Jersey to Texas

Marry P.


I saw really a loooot of reviews on different sites and understood that I can try to try my first experience with this company! Traditional Van Lines gave me really great experience in this situation. It was first time in my life when I was even moving from New Jersey to any other State. My husband has found a nice place in Texas so we decided to move there!

To be honest I was not expecting that moving is an expensive thing, but after I searched for prices in another companies, I understood that prices which were given to me by Traditional Van Lines are more democratic!

First the estimate came… Yeah he was going into my 2 bedroom house and counting how much stuff it will be in cubic feet. Well it was not cheap but I knew that I’m doing it once in my life so a accepted the price I signed the contract, and then after a week 3 guys came to my house pick my stuff into the truck, so I was watching how it was going.

The price was a bit higher, on 10% but I just added some stuff, because it was in the basement… So it’s okay. Just be ready that the price of estimate can be not always the same, but around the price he said!

So they took everything really professional and I was glad to see that they are very gentle with my stuff! Hope that they always do like that!

Now I live in Texas with my husband and my child and I’m glad that everything was so successful and we did it!

I’m really thankful to this company!!!!!

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